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what we do

architecture + interior design

We recognize architecture+interior design as a research process as well as a design process: learning about each client, their identity, history and context. We endeavor to ‘custom-tailor’ each project to our client by identifying and meticulously unfolding each layer of the project’s challenges and aspirations. The end result not only reflects the essence of our client, but also refines and enhances their unique story with a sophisticated clarity.


We believe in the power of design to define the identity of a person,organization, city, anything. We develop strategic and cohesive branding through innovative design, in print, web, packaging, interiors and architecture. We enable our clients to differentiate themselves through creative marketing solutions embedded in all aspects of their business. We can create a cohesive link between client/customer interactions and the physical and visual experience of the built space. It is a collaborative work consisting of graphic, web, architecture, interior, AV, packaging and tester design.

staging + art consulting
  • Staging:

for home or office

for sales

for functions

for photogrphy or film

  • Production Design

  • Visual Merchandising

display design

packaging design

  • Event Design

private or public


  • Art Consultation

art consulting

installation design for exhibitions or privaite collections

interior design
product design
staging - home
art consulting
branding design
project management + development consulting

As the building industry gets more diversified and technologically complicated, the administrative demands placed on the client by the design and construction process has become overwhelming. There is also a growing trend of design professionals to concentrate more on the design aspects of their role and less on the traditional role of a client representative, leaving a void in the management process of construction. We offer comprehensive, hands-on, project management services to our clients. With our experience, we can deploy more efficient management tools and provide realistic project forecasting. We promote a much more collaborative project environment with one common goal. We represent clients in various market sectors on single or multi-site projects.


From a first-time homebuyer to a city planning a new large scale developmentproject, timely and informed research and analysis is essential forsuccessful decision-making. Based on our experiences with some of the largest developers and international corporations, we provide our clients with informative research on local planning and zoning codes, construction types, and occupancy groups for their prospect investments. We can provide assessments of conditional and development restrictions, and follow up with various scenarios with feasibility and profitablity analyses by using both narrative and graphic concept design presentations.

project management
construction forensics

Regardless of the efforts by all involved, unfortunately, sometimes buildings fail. We are committed to meeting the needs of the legal profession, building owners, and the design/construction industry. Whether we are reviewing a set of construction documents during the discovery phase of litigation or examining an existing structure, we bring our extensive knowledge of construction; our on-site experience and our knowledge of the various construction assemblies used. Through research, investigation, analysis followed by preparation of design and documentation for repair and/or reconstruction we develop a comprehensive solution that will not only remediate the problem but also stand the test of time. Determining fault in new construction is critical to receiving compensation to make repairs. We again use our extensive knowledge of Construction Documentation and Construction Administration to determine who was at fault causing the deficiency. We also provide Independent quality assurance and constructability review of drawings and specifications prepared by other design professionals.

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