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Skylights: Acrylic vs. Glass

Over the years, I have specified many skylights for both residential and commercial projects. The common knowledge has been that a acrylic dome with aluminum flashing is the most cost efficient option. So when asked by my client for a recent bathroom remodel project, we decided to get to the bottom of it. Our superstar intern Nathan investigated the comparison between acrylic and glass skylights, and between Bristolite and Velux brand. Option 1. Velux Skylight - Glass: Rough Opening 21” x 26 7/8” = $1,612 + tax Option 2. Bristolite Skylight - Glass: Rough Opening 22 ¼” x 30 ¼” = $2,175 + tax Option 3. Bristole Skylight - Insulated Clear Double Dome Acrylic: Rough Opening 22 ¼” x 30 ¼” = $1,895 + tax *NOTE: The prices shown above are based on: - Skylight requirements: switched, UV filter, electrically operated - Roof Angle: Sloped - Installation type: Curb mounted - They are trade prices, not retail. SUMMARY GLASS vs. ACRYLIC Glass

Light Entry: Creates direct sunlight Sound: Blocks sound, less outside noise Discolor: Will not discolor over time Safety: Shatters easily (unless tempered) Cleaning: Harder to clean Heat: Transfers more energy Aesthetic: Clear and clean look, better for more decorative skylights, available in a variety of colors


Light Entry: Takes the light from multiple angles and spreads it to more areas within a space (as much natural light enters the room as possible) Sound: Does not block sound, more outside noise Discolor: Will discolor over time Safety: Does not shatter easily Cleaning: Easier to clean than glass Heat: Transfers energy less than glass, ideal for extreme temperatures Aesthtic: Filmy look, not as desirable


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